"M.A.F" is abbreviation of Matsuki Ayumu Fund.
It is a fund that consists of the contribution to the activity of the music of Ayumu Matsuki .

All these funds are made the best use of for the music activity.
The chance to contribute to the his music activity is obtained by M.A.F all over the world.

Moreover, the situation of M.A.F is open to the public on the net.
It becomes minus if there is concrete expense to buy the musical instrument machine parts.
If you contribute it, it becomes a plus.

This is 100% direct communication among the artist and listeners.


Especially, there are neither a lower bound nor an upper bound.
The person who wants to contribute it asks only for his favorite amount of money.


It pays with Paypal
The following link is clicked.
The procedure asking is done from the settlement screen of PayPal.


n the contribution to MAF
I present the applicant the M.A.F number.

Please apply for the number after describing the name, the address, and the where to make contact clearly with mail.

【 M.A.F number application mail address 】

Please do my number for remembrance' sake.
At the transfer after distributing the number
Please transfer it applying the number to the transfer name.

To the person who has the M.A.F number
"Something at one time suddenly" happens.

??? M.A.F履歴

The content and the amount of money will be described when there is expense in this paragraph from M.A.F in the future.

16.06.17 audiobro LA scoring strings ¥83385
Big Fish Audio MOJO Horn Section ¥52175
12.02.04 PRESONUS FaderPort ¥16220
11.10.19 classic guitar ¥24000
11.03.12 donate for Earthquake in Japan ¥5000
11.01.26 Harddisc(2TB) ¥11,480
Drums recording for "Story of your life" ¥7,000
royalties for AGAIN ¥50,424
10.09.10 Nomad Factory BBE Sound - Stomp Ware ¥12,818 ($149.00)
10.08.25 Pajamas(Mujirusi Ryohin) as live costume ¥3,970
10.08.20 rehearsal for concert(2010/summer) ¥15,000
10.06.02 apple computer imac ¥103,570
10.05.21 "AGAIN"drums recording cost ¥ 4,000
Native Instruments ABBEY ROAD 60s DRUMS ¥ 10,941
10.05.07 matsukiayumu tour Spring 2010 "RYOKO" expenditure ¥ 81,235
10.02.03 Roland SPACE ECHO RE-201(Old tape echo machine) ¥ 25,998
10.01.08 microphone cable (XLR/PHONE) ¥ 1,800

A target and a necessary amount of money are described here.

M.A.F studio foundation ¥ ???,???,???

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