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"100 million years record" Q&A

Q. What is the "100 million years record"?
A. It is a MatsukiAyumu's new album (consists of a pair of discs)

Q. How do I buy it? Can I buy it at the CD shops?
A. "100 million years record" is available only at this site. Download only. Please email me (the address below) with the necessary matters (Your full name and e-mail address) to apply.

Q. What the label is this album from?
A. The label doesn't exist about this album. MatsukiAyumu indivisual delivery.

Q. How does the sales of this album is spent for?
A. It becomes MatsukiAyumu's profit of course, then all of it will be spent for the music activity of myself in the future.

About how to buy

Sale on the first and delivery beginning in January, 2010.

It becomes a data download form by E-mail (Only PC :).
Please Email me (with name ,Email address), and you get reply from matsuki
Next, settle the charge(2000yen) by Paypal page that is written in replay mail.
After that Matsukiayumu send you zip data including "100000000record

【mail address】

Zip data have Big picture file (jpg) from which the jacket, credit, etc. and 28 lyrics are designed attaches.
The music data becomes Mp3/320kbps.

All copyrights of data belong to MatsukiAyumu. Please inquire the second use etc. for a profit-pursuing and a business purpose from the mail form.

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